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Premium subscription

Can I cancel my subscription and keep using Premium? 

Yes, you can cancel your subscription right after sign up and your access will remain valid till the end of the period you paid for. You can cancel using the appropriate button on your profile page:


I would like to cancel my subscription.

Please use the Cancel button on your profile page You’ll receive a confirmation email once your subscription is canceled.


When are you going to charge me again?

Your upcoming rebill is scheduled for one day before your access expires. You can check it at your profile page: If, for example, the date of access expiration is set to June 15 then your rebill date is June 14. We give you an additional day to make sure your rebill goes ahead without any issues and so we receive confirmation from our billing provider.


Are interactive scripts included with the regular subscription?

No, interactive scripts are not included with the Premium subscription. You can purchase any individual interactive script separately.
We are going to launch special subscriptions for interactive scripts soon.


I’d like to re-sign up using the current sale offer.

Please contact us at in order to re-sign up or upgrade your current subscription.


Can I buy a subscription using my SexLikeReal balance?

Yes, you can purchase monthly non-recurring, monthly recurring and yearly recurring subscriptions using your internal balance. Lifetime subscriptions are available through regular payment only.


I’d like to downgrade my subscription from yearly to monthly.

Please contact us at in order to downgrade your subscription.


Can I use the site being a subscriber?

No, you have to buy a subscription for even though you have a subscription. But you can use the same account for both sites.

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