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This is what SLR is all about

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We’re the #1 destination for sizzling hot VR adult entertainment. We have thousands of original and curated virtual reality porn videos and our Premium subscribers get the absolute best deal on the market, along with a dedicated VR porn app!

Enjoy immersive virtual experiences at up to 8K video quality for a variety of VR equipment, including Oculus Quest 3, Valve Index, HP Reverb G2 and many other VR headsets. Make sure you try LIVE VR entertainment with a diverse selection of stunning cam girls. SLR is also compatible with leading sex toy technology like the Handy, Lovense, Kiiroo, and Vorze, so that you can experience titillating physical sensations that intensify the authenticity of virtual sex.

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The SLR app is a one-click streaming player guaranteeing the best VR video setup in every headset. This is important as it’s common for VR videos to be watched incorrectly by inexperienced VR users. Also, the DeoVR player can be installed from your headset’s app store and works just like the SLR app. Simply go to in the DeoVR browser.

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Access over 31,000 VR porn videos and enjoy hundreds of monthly updates with an SLR Premium subscription. As a premium member, you get total access to the iconic SLR Originals videos produced by the expert SLR team, as well as a diverse and huge selection of steamy content from leading VR studios.

The videos you watch will benefit producers from your membership fee. At least 60% of the rather substantial royalties we pay go directly to producers and performers.

SexLikeReal's mission is to provide the VR community with the most fascinating experiences and to empower the adult performers and producers that make amazing original VR content. SLR Premium members support the innovation behind SexLikeReal VR efforts and are an integral part of our sex-positive culture.

More about SLR…

You will need a headset to enjoy the magic of VR. SLR recommends Oculus Quest 3 or any 2020/2021 PC-connected headset, such as the HP Reverb G2, for the very best VR experience.

Cardboards, iPhones, Playstation VR (PSVR) and GearVR are NOT recommended due to their low-quality playback performance - consider upgrading for the best VR experience. If you are looking to buy a new headset, we recommend the Quest 3.

60FPS is the default standard at SLR. Enjoy 90FPS videos when using desktop headsets such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows MR, and 120FPS with the Valve Index and Pimax.

Specially encoded 4K videos for PSVR users are available for each scene. You can also enjoy streaming with PSVR (hopefully they’ll improve their service soon). PSVR owners including PS5 should consider upgrading to unlock the full potential of VR that is available with other headsets.

Some Japanese (JAV) producers request streaming only for their videos, though some of these videos might become downloadable in time. This is typical for Japan and otherwise these videos wouldn’t be available at all for SLR users. This was a hard choice to make, but we’re dedicated to bringing our users the largest selection of adult VR content available anywhere.

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