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Congratulations! You’ve discovered SexLikeReal! We’re the #1 destination for sizzling hot VR adult entertainment! With thousands of original and curated virtual reality porn videos featuring the most breathtaking adult entertainers, our premium subscribers get the absolute best deal on the market!

Enjoy immersive virtual experiences with 6K video quality for a variety of VR gear including Oculus Quest, Valve Index, and Playstation VR headsets. SLR provides one-on-one companionship with a diverse selection of stunning LIVE VR cam girls. SLR is also compatible with leading sex toy technology like Fleshlight Launch, TheHandy, and Onyx+, so that you can experience titillating physical sensations that intensify the authenticity of virtual sex.

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The SLR app is a one-click VR video playback player that automatically provides the best setup for each headset. This is important as it’s common for VR videos to be displayed incorrectly by inexperienced VR users. The DeoVR player can be installed from your headset’s app store and works just like the SLR app. Simply go to in the built-in browser.

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Access more than 10,000 VR porn videos and enjoy hundreds of monthly updates with an SLR Premium subscription. As a premium member, you get total access to SLR Originals, the hottest new videos produced by the SLR team, as well as a diverse and voluminous selection of steamy content from leading VR studios.

More about SLR…

SLR recommends Oculus Quest or any 2019/2020 PC-connected headset for the very best VR experience.

Cardboards, iPhones, Playstation VR (PSVR), GearVR are NOT recommended due to their low-quality playback performance - consider updating your headset for the best VR experience.

60FPS is the default standard at SLR. All 30FPS videos are interpolated up to 60FPS to match the 60Hz display refresh rate. Enjoy 90FPS videos when using desktop headsets Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Windows MR and 120FPS with the Valve Index and Pimax.

Specially encoded 4K videos for PSVR users are available for each scene. You can also enjoy streaming with PSVR (hopefully they’ll improve their service soon).

Some producers have decided to provide their content on SLR as pay per video only. We believe that Premium is the best option for both producers and SLR users, but it’s their choice. We appreciate having extra content as an option for our users.

Some Japanese (JAV) producers request streaming only for their videos. Many of these videos might become available for download in time. This is typical for Japan, otherwise, these videos wouldn’t be available at all for SLR users. This was a hard choice to make, but we’re dedicated to bringing our users the largest select of VR adult content available anywhere.

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Premium User
When using the gay section of the site there is no way to filter or see what videos are included with Premium like you can with the straight section. Can a filter be added?
Premium User
Premium User
CAn you use the Oculus Quest 2 without a facebook account for this site?
Premium User
I can´t download this file !!!! Why ?? Realy ? Thats not possible from taiwan ?
Premium User
Streaming or Downloading doesn't work in Taiwan...speed is only 0.1mbps...I am paying money for this!
Premium User
Premium User
Need more JAV(no pay-per-view video)
Premium User