2017 review by SLR marketing team
Posted 19 days ago

2017 was a phenomenal year for both virtual reality and VR porn. It turned from an interesting gimmick into something truly innovative and wildly successful. Let us explain why, using facts about the industry and statistical data from the database of SexLikeReal, the world’s leading resource for VR porn.

Sex Like Real CEO about VR porn, video streaming and Deo VR player
Posted 22 days ago

An interview with SexLikeReal CEO by ScarredGhost

Last week I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Alex Novak, the CEO of Sex Like Real. As you may understand by the name of the company, he doesn’t work in the training sector, but in the adult entertainment one. He got me curious because he doesn’t have a website like the awesome guys of VR Porn or PornFoxVR that I have already interviewed, but he offers an app, an executable that you launch on your VR runtime to stream VR porn content. That’s pretty original.

SLR Valentine’s Special
Posted 13.02.2018

Hello out there, SLR subscribers!

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast, so we’re getting in the spirit of the holiday with these special rates:

  • The entire VRBangers for 2.99

  • Select videos from Hologirls for 2.99

Deep links, new studios, language tags, low prices at SLR
Posted 02.02.2018

We have added Discounted section with tons of great content for as low as $.99 per video!

Conversations are great in VR. We’ve added language tags for videos with actors engaged in conversation for English, German, Japanese, French, Italian.

There are new studios that joined us lately: VRP Films, VirtualPee, VRTeenrs and VRPussyVision with their exclusive content. Many videos and subscriptions got lower in price. Also make sure to check our shemale and gay sites featuring a lot of updates.

Resolution naming conventions: 4K vs 2160p
Posted 22.10.2017

Just to explain confusion regarding naming conventions for resolution. Some producers put it as 3840 × 2160 while SLR and others specify it as 2160p.

4K might mean 3840 × 2160, 3840 × 1600, 4096 × 2160, 4096 × 1716, 3996 × 2160 or in our case additionally 3840 x 3840, 4096 x 4096.

2160p has only one meaning - video is exactly 2160 pixels in height.

PimaxVR with 4k display is still no good to watch VR porn
Posted 03.05.2017

Got PimaxVR in my hands with only purpose to watch porn with it. It comes as light headset with headphones only. No controllers or any other accessories. Latency is terrible. While picture is good, colourful and sharp, it's all ruined once you move your head a little bit. It even makes it uncomfortable while just staring because of head's natural microshacking. I also didn't like the sound. It sounded very different than on Rift or GearVR. Also it seems to be asynchronous with the video. It's NOT consumer ready product, while manufacturer presents it to be and there are good reviews for it online.

How to watch VR porn videos on Playstation VR
Posted 17.10.2016

Playstation has released PS VR what is already a killer news in gaming circles. SexLikeReal has been bombarded with questions regarding Playstation VR porn options.

You can watch any SexLikeReal.com porn movie in 180º or 360º range in 3D via LittlStar VR Cinema (US ip is required). You can't watch VR with default Playstation Media Player.

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