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Elastic Search

Search on SexLikeReal has been significantly improved by switching to in-house engine based on Elastic. Our goal is to help users find what they are looking for.

Currently search works on the next objects:

  • studios
  • pornstars (by name or alias)
  • categories


You can also search for:

  • scenes (by title or id)
  • playlists
  • blog articles

Important features

Relevant scenes in the search form

Search will immediately offer you several popular scenes based on your query. Perhaps you will find what you are looking for even before you press Enter.

Fast redirects

If you are looking for a specific  studio, model, or tag, the search will immediately take you to that entity's page. For example, when your query is Anal, you will be directed to the category page


Hints appear after entering the first character of the query.

Language analyzer

The English Language Analyzer understands that when you are looking for Play, it is also important to show you Plays, Played, Playing.

Phonetic analyzer

The English Phonetic Analyzer helps you find entities that are written in different letters, but sound similar.

Handling of typos

You can make a few mistakes in the name of the model or studio, but our search will still understand you.

Search for models by alias

Pornstars often have multiple stage names. You can find your favorite model by any of her names.

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