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Advanced Search

We want SLR users to quickly find the content they want.
Every scene on the site can be found on specific entity pages:


Some users asked us to add the ability to combine different entities in one query, so we implemented the advanced search.


In the advanced search every entity type has additional aliases:




Boolean operators

You can also use the boolean operators:


Complex queries:

Example: STUDIO SLR Originals OR VR Bangers CATEGORY Anal AND Threesome NOT M/M/F
This query will show all scenes filmed by one of two producers: SLR Originals or VRBangers, with Anal and Threesome tags, without M/M/F tag.

Other advanced search features:

  • Entity types and operators are highlighted in different colors.
  • Autocomplete: type POR for pornstar, or CAT for category. Press space or arrow right to accept an autocomplete.
  • List of suggestions is displayed as you type. Use up and down arrows to navigate between suggestions, press space or click to apply.
  • Automatic complete for suggestion with a single match. To get "STUDIO SLR Originals" you need to enter STU + space + SL + space.
  • The search bar shows the last query, so you can edit it.
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