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I paid via PayPal and didn’t get Premium access. 

PayPal usually holds your money for 24 hours even if the sign up attempt fails. Please contact us at and we’ll check your payment status.


I have a subscription but can only watch 2 min trailers.

This usually only happens if our billing can’t rebill you in time. This way you have no access to Premium but your subscription is still active and your rebill was re-scheduled. Please check with your bank to make sure there is no issue from their side.


I meant to sign up to but accidentally signed up to (or vice versa).

Please contact us at and we’ll transfer your subscription to your preferred site.


I can’t remember my password.

Please use the Forgot Password link on the login page: You’ll receive an email from us with a link to restore your password.


I got an email from you saying my account email has been changed.

If you didn’t change your account email please contact us at ASAP. It’s possible your password has been compromised by an outside site. Our support team will help you to resolve the issue..


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