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一 what is your headset and how do you watch VR: SLR app (recommended) or DeoVR streaming, local playback (specify player)?

You might claim a refund if a service could not be provided. Beware that cash refunds require service log review by your payment institution.️ SLR support might credit your balance for amount of refund with no payment institution procedures.️

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Make sure to install HEVC extension and K-Lite codec pack. Nvidia 10xx/20xx/30xx is required for 5K/6K playback.

GearVR/Cardboard/Daydream are not recommended. You might enjoy much better quality with newer headsets.

PSVR is not recommended. You might enjoy much better quality with newer headsets.

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SexLikeReal is a great community of VR enthusiasts that brings the best of VR porn into the world. 20,891 videos from hundreds of content producers are available with SLR Premium subscription. While we strongly believe that SLR Premium works best for everyone, some producers decided to make their videos available only as pay per video. That’s why not every video you see on the site is included in SLR Premium.

SLR recommends Oculus Quest or any 2019/2020 PC-connected headset for the very best VR experience. Cardboards, iPhones and PSVR are not recommended due to their low-quality playback performance - consider updating your headset for the best VR experience.

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