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Is billing discreet? 

Yes, your privacy is very important to us. The name “datatechme” will appear on your credit card statement, with no adult terminology whatsoever.


My purchase was denied.

Please check with your bank to make sure there is no issue from their side. Also feel free to sign up using our second billing provider - Verotel. Simply pick the Visa, MasterCard by Verotel option on the join page.


My rebill failed for some reason and I lost Premium access. Sign up attempt shows “Already have a membership” message.

In most cases your subscription is still active but our billing service couldn’t rebill you in time. Our billing re-scheduled your rebill so please check with your bank to make sure there is no issue from their side. To avoid being charged twice, please don’t try to sign up using another billing option.


I would like to cancel my access to Premium so I can re-sign up immediately using a different offer.

Please contact us at . We’ll check your account and cancel your access ASAP.


I accidentally paid twice / I was double charged.

Our security system protects you from signing up twice using the same billing information. If you believe you have two subscriptions please contact us at


I got a new credit card. Where can I update my card info?

Please use the form here or to manage your subscription and update your card information.


I paid with crypto and have no access to Premium even though coins were taken from my wallet.

Sometimes it takes a long time to send your crypto payment meaning it arrives at CoinGate after the order has expired. Please contact us at We’ll check your order status ASAP.

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