How I met Misha – Ep. 8

by VirtualRealPorn


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Jan 12, 2017

How I met Misha – Ep. 8 - FFM Threesome

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Gina Gerson
Gina Gerson
42 scenes
Misha Cross
Misha Cross
50 scenes

Misha was in the bedroom with her boyfriend when Gina came in with some morning coffee for them. As they took the coffee, Misha leaned over and kissed Gina then she reached out and started unbuttoning Gina’s shorts. Once Gina was naked, the girls both turned their attention to the guy, pulling his jeans off and double sucking his cock. Misha went first, riding his thick cock while Gina rubbed her clit then the ladies swapped spots and Gina took her turn on the dick. Eating pussy, sucking cock, and taking turns riding, this morning coffee turned into a wild threesome that came to an end when he fed the ladies a warm breakfast of sticky jizz.

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That chick is one bad woman. I just love it when she has the jar marked poison. That is an awesome scene. Very creative part.
DMJack (19.09.2017)
I'm having trouble with this video. The last few minutes of the GearVR version keeps crashing on GearVR or any desktop player like VLC. File seem corrupt, and I've downloaded it twice. Can you fix?
g2kbuffetboy (18.01.2017)
love Gina in this one. keep her coming
diepud (17.01.2017)
Im letting my subscription expire after several months. They started out with a few of my favorite VR scenes, but have since become meh. I understand some folks are into Gina and Misha, but in my opinion Im already burnt out on the both of them, and they werent that great at VR in the first place.
Burnt (14.01.2017)
Same old conveyor belt of skinny white girls with no tits and ass. Does VRP know what ass is?
Org4sm (14.01.2017)
They have some closeups in their scenes, but they are sure as hell not consistent at it. I don't think they see it as a staple yet, unlike Wankz and NA.
jd00001 (14.01.2017)
Decided to resub to vrp for a month to see if you guys made any improvements over the year.... Guys learn what closeups are jeez. These videos are always laying down with the action at your "feet" basically, way too far away. EVERY SINGLE VIDEO. :( i just wanna see misha cross up close and personal, is that hard to do? Plz put the scene into a sitting up perspective... is the guy leading the technical camera crew lazy or something
bbasara007 (14.01.2017)
Gina Gerson VR scene #77
eNrHellghost (13.01.2017)
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