1. Setting up PlayStation VR

Getting your PS connected is easy with this video from Sony

PS Pro is capable of playing max 2040p files
Regular PS4 plays only 1600p max

2. Install Littlstar VR Cinema player

Get it on PlayStation store for Free here

1. Go to PlayStation Store
2. Find Littlstar VR Cinema
3. Install it on your PS

3. Preparing storage device to download porn for PSVR

A. Find Hard drive or USB flash drive
and plug it into your computer first
B. It must be formatted as exFAT or FAT32
Wondering how to format your device?

exFAT is recommended, because it can fit
almost limitless file sizes, where FAT32 can only
fit max 4gb file size

C. Create a folder named «Littlstar»
at the root (top level) directory
The name of the folder is case-insensitive

4. Fun part: finding VR porn

Let us show you around a little

It all comes down to whether you are willing to pay or you'd prefer to find free PSVR porn. Trailers are often available for free, but most high quality content must be purchased. Downloading bad quality videos will make for a bad experience, one that you might be disappointing. Here are two safe and regularly updated "PS4 VR Porn" sources that we recommend.

This website has all of the free full VR porn videos available out there.
The biggest VR porn website with 3,000 free trailers available and the option to purchase the full length versions.
! Helpful

Both resources will come in you handy later with filenaming, they serve files with right extensions (will be explained later), which will save you time and nerves

5. Loading the right resolution VR Porn for PS4 and PS4 Pro

H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High Profile Level 4.2 2,048Γ—1,600@60fps
Regular PS4 is capable of playing 1600p files
H.264/MPEG-4 AVC High Profile Level 5.2 4,096Γ—2,040@60fps
PS Pro is capable of playing 2040p files

6. Save porn to your «Littlstar» folder

Get as much porn as your folder can fit. All videos need to be placed in exactly this folder or the application will not be able to find them.

And here comes the tricky part. There are specific naming conventions to which videos must adhere for the app to recognize the type of video it needs to render. By default, the Littlstar player will attempt to render a mono (non 3D) 360 video. Therefore it is not necessary to explicitly add «360» to the file name.

Basic VR videos filenaming conventions and what they mean

180º Videos
means that video is half of field of view,
file name needs to contain «180»
Fixed Frame Videos
file name needs to contain either «2dff» or «3dff»
OverUnder/TopBottom Videos
means that in original file videos are place one above another,
file name needs to contain either «ou», «tb», or «bt»
SideBySide/LeftRight Videos
means that in original file videos are place next to each other,
file name needs to contain either «sbs», «lr» or «rl»

These filename conventions must be applied to every video, otherwise it won’t work and you’ll
see a chaotic picture in your PS VR. Keep in mind that every studio shoots videos differently.
Some produce videos in 180º, some in 240º, and a few in 360º. They also use different placements of videos, i.e OverUnder, SideBySide. All these rules must be strictly followed.

Here are examples of correctly named videos:
videoname_TB_360.mp4 videoname_SBS_180.mp4

7. Last part: watching porn on PSVR

Time to put your headset on and stream porn on PSVR. With an app installed, launch the app
and wait till it loads. Then you’ll see scenes like in the screenshots below:

1. While on the Littlstar home page, press O to bring up the menu.
2. Choose a Library
3. Find your videos β€” and play them!

If everything was done right, you should see a clear image with 3D effect, if something went wrong, you’ll notice.
Make sure you’ve done all these steps correctly and try again. Having trouble making it work? Drop us a line: support@sexlikereal.com or check out the forum

Extra part for curious minds...

While VR porn is great and PS VR is great gaming console, sadly it’s
not optimized yet, and probably will never bring VR porn experience:
streaming app.

We highly recommend you to consider purchasing either desktop-
based (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive) or mobile-based solution (Gear VR,
Google Daydream and so forth) β€” just to try best thing in the world:
our free VR porn streaming app.

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