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The Kiiroo Keon sex toy is now supported by SLR

Alex Novak
Alex Novak

We’re pleased to announce SLR now offers full support for the Kiiroo Keon automated male masturbator. This means you can sync your interactive sex toy to the onscreen action, matching every stroke for ultimate immersion. 

First, make sure to update your SLR Interactive Android app

The Keon is a great device to enjoy with the interactive scripts. It uses the same protocols as the Onyx+ and is intended as a replacement for the Fleshlight Launch due to the very similar speed and physics. It also works much better with fast strokes than the original Launch device.

We plan many more enhancements and new developments when it comes to interactive toys so keep checking the blog to keep up to date. 

Here is a short tutorial on how to get your Keon working with SLR scripts: 

  1. Connect SLR Interactive to your Fleshlight Launch, Kiiroo Onyx+ or Keon via Bluetooth with an Android phone. Make sure to allow Geo-location service permission during installation and have it on.

  1. Login into SLR Interactive with your SLR details.

  1. Login into the SLR app or DeoVR player (visit in DeoVR’s built-in browser)

  1. Click on the sex toy filter to navigate through videos with script support. For local playback put the video and script files into the same folder with the same filenames, e.g.: VR/InteractiveVideo.mp4 and VR/InteractiveVideo.funscript. There's also /Interactive folder in root on Android devices and /Documents on Windows where you can put the script separate from the video that also supports DLNA.

To watch streaming video with a local script please put the chosen script into /Interactive folder with the video ID in the filename like: 15447.funscript for (this is also shown in the player panel in SLR app).

Finally, if you are using the A10 CYCLONE SA by VORZE, please get in touch. We’d love to speak to you about this. 

Find more details and to see the huge range of compatible videos on SLR


Did you enjoy reading this blog post? Do you have a good understanding of how it all works? Apply for a job with SexLikeReal and help bring the world of VR to life!

SLR fans who have joined the company have turned out to be our best employees. We’re a positive, happy company and we all enjoy the work we do. 

Mail us at with your CV and a few lines about what motivates you when it comes to joining SLR. We are greatly expanding into the VR ecosystem and we’re excited about getting talented people to come and work hand-in-hand with us.

Alex Novak
Alex Novak
Alex Novak has always had a passion for technology. Always interested in exploring new frontiers, the avid gamer and sci-fi reader found himself drawn to VR and its endless possibilities. Alex is excited to see what the future of VR brings and how he can help shape it.
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