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  • Complete instructions for using SLR Interactive with your Fleshlight Launch KIIROO

Complete instructions for using SLR Interactive with your Fleshlight Launch KIIROO

alex novak
Alex Novak

Looking for the next level in VR porn? SLR Interactive lets you connect your interactive sex toy device to the VR porn videos you’re watching - meaning that you’ll experience the exact same action you’re seeing in your VR headset. VR porn doesn’t get more immersive than this. Here are the complete instructions for setting up your kit to experience VR porn at its very best.

Please note, this is an early version of the app meaning there will be frequent updates which will improve on the current version.

Login procedure:

  • To use SLR interactive you must use the same login credentials as the SLR app.
  • Once logged in on both sides (SLR app and SLR interactive) there will be a checkmark on for “SLR Connection” indicating that SLR app and SLR interactive are now connected and streaming can begin.
  • You can at any point log in or log out on any side and the app will continue to work.
  • Use the “Remember me” toggle for automatic login in the future.

Device scanning:

  • To use your device (currently only the KIROO Fleshlight Launch is supported) you should first scan it so that it is registered
  • To do so turn on your Fleshlight, with the blinking blue LED light on, and then press the “Scan new” button in SLR interactive. This will open the “Scan device” panel and start to search for nearby devices.
  • Once your device is found the button will appear and you should select it (marking it green), this way you can add multiple devices if you have them.
  • Once you selected all the devices that you want, press the “Add selected” button which will register all devices for further use. They will stay registered until you remove them manually
  • You can cancel the scanning process by pressing the “Cancel” button

Device connecting:

  • Once the device is registered it will show in the main “Device panel” of the app,displaying the name of the device (“Launch” for the Fleshlight).
  • You can connect or disconnect from the device by pressing the device button - when the device is connected the button turns green and when disconnected it turns grey (you can also check your fleshlight device directly as the Bluetooth LED stops blinking once connected).
  • There is an additional “X” button at the end of the device which simply removes the device from registry and is intended for any device you no longer use. If you want to use it again you have scan for it again.


  • Once the device is connected and there is a connection between SLR app and SLR interactive you can start watching any videos support the Fleshlight.
  • These videos are:
  • local videos which have a Fleshlight script with the same name as video but with the .fleshlight extension (video and funscript must be in the same folder).
  • SLR app videos that have support for Fleshlight( this is currently still in development for the SLR app)


  • You must have Bluetooth and WiFi enabled on your Android device, also you must grant the application all the necessary permissions.
  • Bluetooth and permissions must be enabled prior to using SLR interactive in order to work properly, otherwise you have to restart it (note: this will be addressed in future versions). The same goes for disabling Bluetooth while in the app (restart is required).
  • If at any point you lose internet connection or disable WiFi you should also restart.
As up for now you can enjoy scripts for the following videos. Many more scripts are yet to be added.

Join Fleshlight discussion on our forum and Discord. Great great features are coming soon.
alex novak
Alex Novak
Alex Novak has always had a passion for technology. Always interested in exploring new frontiers, the avid gamer and sci-fi reader found himself drawn to VR and its endless possibilities. Alex is excited to see what the future of VR brings and how he can help shape it.
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Discussion: 13 Comments
I have tested this with a Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy Tab A 10.5 and my pc vis BlueStacks not one will see either the Kiiro Onyx+ Realm, nor the Lovense Max 2. Help would be most appreciated.
what about kirrroo keon support?
do the vr movies scripts also work on a windows mixed reality device on my computer ?
the SLR app cannot find my Titan by Kiiroo. Any suggestions?
on the app, on my computer it does not support mouse or keyboard i can't click anywhere
Hey, I use my mobile data for internet and it's fine for my needs, plenty fast. So oculus is connected to my mobile data too, and I run vids from internal storage. Do I need to have a separate wifi just to run these scripts?
I login into "SLR Interactive" AND "SLR Cardboard" with the same account. But "SLR Interactive" shows: "No SLR app connection" / "Login to SLR app". WiFi and BLE is on. Device is getting a signal...
I login into "SLR Interactive" AND "SLR Cardboard" with the same account. But "SLR Interactive" shows: "No SLR app connection" / "Login to SLR app". WiFi and BLE is on. Device is getting a signal...
Premium User
Hello, first of all thank you so much for making all this possible! I am amazed by both apps. One thing tho I have a problem with is that I just can't make the Fleshilght Launch work. I did everything but even tho icons are green, all files in one folder with same name, still nothing. Could you please add to this blog a few second video with short script just for testing purposes? Because I tried to play the exact same files in different script players and all works fine. Thank you!
Premium User
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