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Just to explain confusion regarding naming conventions for resolution. Some producers put it as 3840 × 2160 while SLR and others specify it as 2160p.

4K might mean 3840 × 2160, 3840 × 1600, 4096 × 2160, 4096 × 1716, 3996 × 2160 or in our case additionally 3840 x 3840, 4096 x 4096.

2160p has only one meaning - video is exactly 2160 pixels in height.

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Got PimaxVR in my hands with only purpose to watch porn with it. It comes as light headset with headphones only. No controllers or any other accessories. Latency is terrible. While picture is good, colourful and sharp, it's all ruined once you move your head a little bit. It even makes it uncomfortable while just staring because of head's natural microshacking. I also didn't like the sound. It sounded very different than on Rift or GearVR. Also it seems to be asynchronous with the video. It's NOT consumer ready product, while manufacturer presents it to be and there are good reviews for it online.

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Playstation has released PS VR what is already a killer news in gaming circles. SexLikeReal has been bombarded with questions regarding Playstation VR porn options.

You can watch any porn movie in 180º or 360º range in 3D via LittlStar VR Cinema (US ip is required). You can't watch VR with default Playstation Media Player.

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DDF Network announced today its movement into the 4K and virtual reality realms.

4K scenes are now being filmed at a greater frequency for the studio, and soon it will be the standard with forthcoming updates for DDF, a company rep said.

“In choosing the model for our first VR shoot, we thought of honoring one of our top girls of all time would be a perfect choice,” the DDF rep said.

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LONDON — Will Sony allow virtual porn on its upcoming PlayStation VR platform?

At this point, the Japanese electronics maker hasn't publicly disclosed whether it will open up its closed platform to adult entertainment producers. Many, however, noting the company’s history, say it will be a no-go.

But could that spell trouble ahead for the PlayStation as more consumers get curious about VR porn?

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Funny, naughty, hot, sexy, teen… she’s just awesome! We’re talking about Misha Cross, one of our favourites pornstars who recently have won the AVN Award for best Foreign Female Performer of the year.

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VirtualRealPorn has a hot new video. This time, Sienna Day, Anna Polina, Misha Cross, Carly Rae, Venus Lux, Matthew Anders, Juan Lucho and many more pornstars try Virtual Reality Porn for the first time in their lifes!

So, enjoy the funniest reactions in this video!

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