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Try out VR porn spatial audio

Alex Novak
Alex Novak

The very first VR porn videos with spatial audio are now available in the SLR app and DeoVR player. Enjoy much deeper immersion as you feel the difference in sounds when moving and rotating your head -- just like you would hear in real life.

Because you can perceive the source of a particular noise, the audio is as realistic and engrossing as the 3D video, creating a much more compelling VR experience. This is an early experimental feature that opens the door to vastly improved audio sensations in VR. We expect significant improvements with the production setup in the very near future.  

Experience spatial audio with the following videos in the SLR app or DeoVR player: 

Go to ‘video settings’ and select ‘enable spatial audio’ as shown in the image below. It’s going to be supported by default with upcoming releases. 

Some few thoughts so far from developer side of things:
1. OPUS-encoded files are software-decoded, meaning they load CPU rather than using any hardware acceleration, this affects performance in general.
2. Spatial audio for VR180 is rather add-on without big improvement to experience. It's a much better fit for 360º videos.

That's how creators can get spatial audio for their videos. We are looking for paid spatial sound consultants to further move into that direction.

Please let us know your thoughts about spatial audio.

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Alex Novak
Alex Novak
Alex Novak has always had a passion for technology. Always interested in exploring new frontiers, the avid gamer and sci-fi reader found himself drawn to VR and its endless possibilities. Alex is excited to see what the future of VR brings and how he can help shape it.
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