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The SLR app makes enjoying quality VR porn easy and fast. Our app is packed full of amazing features, including the ability to access your entire library on your headset, and access to the latest immersive technologies, such as passthrough, interactive haptic scripts, cams, and more. Enjoy SLR on standalone headsets such as the Oculus Quest, Quest 2, Quest 3, Quest Pro, Pico 3 and Pico 4, or PCVR headsets such as the Rift, Valve Index, HTC Vive, HP Reverb, Pimax 8k, and many, many more! We partner with adult industry technology leaders to bring you in-app integration of toys like the Handy, Kiiroo Keon, Kiiroo Onyx+ and Onyx+ Realm, Kiiroo Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Interactive, Lovense Max 2, Lovense Nora, Lovense Gush, Lovense Calor, Lovense Edge 2, Lovense Hush 1, Vorze A10 Piston SA, Vorze A10 Cyclone SA, and the Kiiroo Fleshlight Launch. Flexible and portable, the SLR app works with a variety of hardware and personal VR devices.

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SLR   Aggregator Tube Site Producer Site
Monthly Updates
8K videos
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VR Porn App
VR Live Cams
Interactive scripts
Own studio - SLR Originals
Female POV

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