Sexy Flexy Gym

by perVRt


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Jan 28, 2019

Sexy Flexy Gym - Teen Naked Yoga

Angie Lee Lynx
Angie Lee Lynx
8 scenes

Angie Lee Lynx is as flexible as her namesake when she puts on her bodysuit and does some yoga on the floor. The redheaded hottie starts with some basic stretching then she does a few more advanced moves before taking the bodysuit off. Yoga is always better when you do it in the nude. Angie is so flexible she can touch the back of her head with her feet and she can do the splits on a guy’s cock. She has done gymnastics her entire life and it shows when she rolls onto her back, showing every inch of her fit body, as she spreads her legs and gently teases her pussy.

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Thanks for addressing this. Loving the videos.
nudeninja69 (06.02.2019)
finally I can confirm that the video has been reuploded after being corrected and it should be fine to watch now. thanks for the patience
thewickedking (01.02.2019)
sorry guys!! I take it back. silo81 was right, they are mixed up. been working too much on this stuff lately. I'm now editing them and reuploading them correctly (it might take a few days for the SLR team to replace the video though). thanks for the heads up!
thewickedking (01.02.2019)
FYI your previous video "Perv Me Rub My Pussy" works perfectly.... and was great!
nudeninja69 (30.01.2019)
Hi thewickedking, I too think that it is either mixed up or misaligned by quite a lot. I'm watching on an oculus go btw. Other videos I have are working perfectly so its not the headset. Nice job you have tho ;)
nudeninja69 (30.01.2019)
I'm the guy that shot and edited this video and I can confirm that no, they are not mixed up. What visor are you using, with what settings? Thanks
thewickedking (30.01.2019)
Left/right is mixed up
silo81 (28.01.2019)
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