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Nov 05, 2018

Overcocked - Busty Brunette in the Kitchen

Leaning Standing
Liya Silver
Liya Silver
6 scenes

The first time she cooked for you, the chicken was so raw that a talented veterinarian could still save it. Now it's burned to a crisp. Liya Silver just isn't cut out for working in the kitchen, but she's willing to make it up to you with some talents she's more confident in. She's a lot better at tasting things than she is at cooking them, and with her tongue working over the head of your cock as she drops to her knees in front of you, you'll be inclined to forgive that lackluster performance in the kitchen. Speaking of performance - just wait until you see what this beauty can do when she gets the bedroom! It's definitely where she's more comfortable. Now, since we're giving up on dinner, we wonder what else she might want to taste...

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The one video where I can consistently come back to if I need to bust one real quick
boostedm52 (18.03.2019)
This clip is one of the best scenes I own.
jaylong1 (05.02.2019)
This clip deserves the 90fps treatment. It may be one of the best to emerge this year, and is fast becoming legendary. Liya has already developed a VR fanbase on a couple forums
thejinx2Na (07.11.2018)
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