Prime Suspect

by VirtualRealPorn


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May 03, 2018

Prime Suspect - Brunette Interrogation POV

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Leaning Standing
Shrima Malati
Shrima Malati
13 scenes

Shrima Malati swears on her life that she didn't take this stuff! Why won't you just believe her? It's not your first day on the job, though, and you've had cute little teens begging for mercy from you before. Of course, you're gonna' need a little proof before you just believe whatever she tells you. Just to show you that she's not lying, Shrima grabs the underwear she stole and puts it on for you, letting you watch her body as she wears it just to make sure she's not pulling any dirty tricks. Well, it's pretty convincing the way those clothes fit on her, but just in case, maybe you can buy her good behavior in the future. All you need from her is her body - that tight, tan, teen body that looks like it might explode if you tried to fit your cock in there. Once you're done cumming all over that sweet, shapely ass, maybe you'll let her go so long as she promises to be good!

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Amazing scene from this slim, beautiful actress. One of the prettiest faces in porn - here's hoping she does more scenes, and more extreme with them.
DavidChapman (07.05.2018)
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