Vladimir "The Impaler" Putin nails Melania

by VR3000


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Feb 20, 2017

Vladimir "The Impaler" Putin nails Melania - Cosplay Trump Parody

Leaning Sitting
Angel Wicky
Angel Wicky
61 scenes

‘Donald Trump’ and ‘Vladimir Putin’ were sitting on the couch having a conversation when ‘Melania’ walked in and sat on Trump’s lap. After tying Trump up like a cuck, she pulled Vlad’s pants down and took his impressive meat impaler in her mouth. Once she had the Russian stud at full attention, she got naked and sat on his dick with Trump watching as she let her big tits bounce in his face as she rode that cock and came hard. When Vlad laid her back and started fucking her, her head was resting on Trump’s lap, so he got a great view of Vlad pulling out and cumming all over the ‘First Lady’!

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Then go suck Donald's dick fgt
thesenutsinyourmouth (02.03.2017)
I am just not into political statements in porn.
jd00001 (01.03.2017)
Sorry man, under no circumstances can I put Vladimir Putin in the same ballpark, league, or even sport as The Pope. And even then, as a catholic out on parole for bad behavior, I would still giggle about a sarcastic VR skit where I play the Big Pontif getting blessed by The Virgin Mary herself. Rule 34 applies here, so lighten up and embrace the heresy.
4c1dr3fl3x (01.03.2017)
I get that, but it's not far off from making a porn video parody with the Pope, IMO, just because some people don't like him, doesn't mean its not disrespectful. Make a Vladimir fucking Merkel anal video, and a fucking Theresa May video, and a François Hollande cuckhold video, and a Enrique Peña Nieto cuckhold video, and then I'll buy that your not making a political statement.
jd00001 (28.02.2017)
It's like art. Some people will like it and some won't. I think Trump would actually like it. He loves to disrespect;)
vr3000 (28.02.2017)
It's a disrespectful scenario.
jd00001 (28.02.2017)
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