Easily Get Started in VR Porn

Many are curious about getting into the engrossing and mind-blowingly sexy world of VR porn, but they may not be technically savvy and hesitate to get started. One might get confused by the glut of (sometimes conflicting) information about VR online. No worries! The folks at SLR got you covered. We break down everything you need in three easy steps…

1. Get a VR Headset

To enjoy VR porn you need to get a VR headset first. The easy start would be the Oculus Quest 2. It has a user-friendly interface, is wireless, makes it easy to get online and supports the highest quality video resolution. Also, starting at under $300, the Quest 2 is quite affordable. There are other great headsets on the market leaning towards gamers and advanced users.The Quest 2 would be the perfect choice for beginners with no trade-offs on amazingness of experience.

Don’t make the rookie mistake of beginning your VR porn experience by using smartphone-compatible VR shortcuts like Google Cardboard. No phone-based system will give you the level of performance and connectivity required to sincerely appreciate VR porn in all its filthy-hot glory. The Quest 2 is the way to go.

2. Sign Up for SLR Premium

Once you have your headset, you need to find a trusted place where you can get high-quality VR porn. If you’re reading this, you’re already in the right place! With the largest VR video library available anywhere, tons of exclusive Originals content and the best technology in the business, SLR is the destination that delivers all of the sultry fantasies you’re yearning to have fulfilled.

Just sign up for your very own SLR Premium subscription and you’ll have everything you need to delight in VR porn for the rest of your life!

3. Download the SLR App

After you’ve got Premium, the final step is to install the FREE SLR VR app and start watching the finest VR porn available on Earth! With the ability to access your entire content library in one click, the SLR app makes enjoying your virtual reality porn experience easy and fast. Using the SLR app also allows you to get the highest video quality possible on our platform. Alternatively, install the DeoVR player from the official app store and just enter SexLikeReal.com in DeoVR’s browser.

That’s it! Three easy steps to start your sizzling adventure into the wet and wild world of VR porn!

Once you enter the intoxicating realm of VR porn, you’ll soon discover the unlimited erotic possibilities this technology offers. Enjoy girls LIVE on Cams. Additionally, you can level up your immersion by connecting perfectly synchronised interactive sex toy devices to the VR porn videos you’re watching - meaning that you’ll actually feel the exact same action you’re seeing in your VR headset.

VR is a boundless technology with a bright and exciting future. We here at SLR are proud to be the company that introduces you to this exciting new entertainment experience. Let’s begin this titillating journey together!

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