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Easily Get Started in VR Porn

Are you curious about getting into the world of VR porn but not sure where to start? Don’t worry, here’s everything you need to know.

Three Easy Steps:

1. Get a VR Headset

To enjoy VR porn you need a VR headset first. The easy start would be the Oculus Quest 2. It’s affordable, wireless, has a user-friendly interface, and supports the highest quality video resolution. However, there are other great headsets on the market - go here to find out different options in terms of budget and technical specs.

Don’t make the rookie mistake of outdated VR headsets such as the Gear or Google Cardboard. No phone-based system will give you the level of performance and connectivity required.

2. Sign Up for SLR Premium

Once you have your headset, you need to find a trusted place where you can get high-quality VR porn. You’re in the right place! With the largest VR video library available anywhere, tons of exclusive Originals content and the best technology in the business, SLR is the leading source of adult VR available anywhere.

Simply sign up for your very own SLR Premium subscription and you’ll have everything you need for VR sexual wellness for the rest of your life!

3. Download the SLR App

After you’ve got Premium, the final step is to install the FREE SLR VR app and start watching the very best adult VR content. With the ability to access your entire content library in one click, the SLR app makes enjoying your virtual reality porn experience easy and fast. Using the SLR app also allows you to get the highest video quality possible. Alternatively, install the DeoVR player from your headset’s official app store and just enter in DeoVR’s browser.

That’s it! Three easy steps to start your VR adventure.

Then you can discover the unlimited erotic possibilities available. Enjoy girls LIVE on Cams. Additionally, you can level up your immersion by connecting perfectly synchronised haptic sex toy devices to the VR porn videos you’re watching - meaning that you’ll actually feel the exact same action you’re seeing in your VR headset. There are other amazing features such as Interactive videos, passthrough, shorts and many more set to come, only available at SLR.

The Proper Porn Format

Watching VR porn isn’t as simple as strapping on a headset and pressing play on your favorite video. Broadly speaking, it is that easy, but it can help to have some understanding of the technical side. That’s where this VR porn guide comes in. If you’re watching VR porn with the wrong formatting, it will look weird and take you out of the scene. Here’s what you need to know.

Field of View

VR porn is often displayed in 180° and 360°. SLR Originals scenes use 200° fisheye which offers even better quality. With a 180° view, you can look in front of you and side to side, but not behind you. With a 360° view, you can see everything going on, including behind your back. While this option may seem better at first glance, it’s usually unnecessary. After all, if there’s just a blank wall or some furniture in the corner, why do you need to be able to look at it? Another downside of 360° videos is that there’s more information to render, so the image isn’t as sharp and the filesize will be larger. 180° videos are the norm but 200° offers the best quality. As all the action happens in front of your face, there’s no reason to go beyond this field of view.


When trying to watch VR porn, you’ll see terms like 4K, 6K, and even 8K resolution. While these numbers seem impressive, you have to also consider the field of view and whether the video is in 2D or 3D. Resolution refers to the sharpness of the image based on the number of pixels within the frame. However, keep in mind that when you have 4,000 pixels, they’re sharing a relatively broad frame, so each section is relatively low-res. These days, 8K resolution is the best, but as technology advances, we’ll likely see much higher resolutions in the near future.

Streaming vs. Downloading VR Porn

When you’re first starting your VR porn experience, you may be wondering how to watch porn on VR. While we’ve discussed the proper format, you’ll have to answer another question - stream your favorite scenes or download videos to your hard drive? There are pros and cons to both options, so let’s take a look.

Streaming VR Porn

Streaming content is the simplest and most convenient since you can pick and choose scenes on the fly. Keep in mind that you need a stable and high-quality internet connection to avoid lags and buffering issues.

Downloading VR Porn

To avoid any potential lag, you could download the video to your hard drive. This way, you can watch without an internet connection. The downside of downloading, however, is the files are massive. Not only will you need a super-sized harddrive to store these videos, but they can take a long time to download. Overall, this option requires some forethought and preparation - if you’re ready to go right now, you can’t afford to wait 30 minutes for a scene to download. A good option could be to stream to discover new scenes and see which ones you like best. Then, once you’ve picked a decent library, download your favorites so they’re always ready and available whenever you get the itch.

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