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Jun 30, 2016

Jack In The Box

$9.95, 28:56 min
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Laying Leaning
Kagney Linn Karter
Kagney Linn Karter
7 scenes

It's movie night with your girl, the very hot Kagney Lynn Carter, and she's wearing something sexy for your intimate night in. She might love snacks, but it's your other surprise inside the popcorn box that's got Kagney salivating. Watch this babe in VR as she keeps coming all over your salty, buttered dick. And hey, when you got Kagney, who needs movies anyway?

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crayz (17.08.2016)
holy shit, this is amazing - my favourite scene so far
ducksonetime (17.08.2016)
It was pleasure watching Ms Karter, not only for the obvious reasons - she is gorgeous, seductive and knows her way around a mans body - she looks like she is having fun, without over acting. The teasing scenes were amazing!
1stPhilbert (17.08.2016)
thank you for that! I've always like her work.
Jellybeanking (17.08.2016)
Diskett100 is right more time with tits in your face, slower if poss as they tend to get blurry on iPhone if it's too quick! :)
uberpaddy (17.08.2016)
We need some kinky scenes. I would love a little femdom in one of the upcoming scenes. Glad to see Kagney on here for sure. She's a total babe.
poppersub (17.08.2016)
Thank you for bring us Kagney! it was a good scene, but could be better. When you have a busty girl, you must have more time bouncing her tits in front of your face! (cowgirl), take note on this. And in the minute 18:15 seems like she is about to cum, but she avoids it, why? what is wrong with that? this is porn! I know she cums almost at the end, but why avoid the first one? anyway, keep bringing top pornstars.
disket100 (17.08.2016)
Great video. Love it. Any plans to add a flick featuring oil in the future?
flowb (17.08.2016)
Is this a creampie scene?
hurricane246 (17.08.2016)
Awesome fucking scene. Really enjoyed it. Kagney looked great as well.
azztec (17.08.2016)
Love it! The close shots are perfect and the pornstar are perfect! Love the way she talks and acts. The only thing that would make it even better is some whispering, like in the "the domination" or something.. makes it even more realistic! Love you work Badonkv! 5 of 5
Nordsandy (17.08.2016)
Anyone there
Biggie12 (17.08.2016)
This^^ funny but honestly completely agree!
bobtepper987 (17.08.2016)
Truly one of Badoink's finest works, "Jack In The Box" is perhaps one of the most important pieces of film produced in the twenty-first century. Comparable to the advancement of it's media to the likes of "Citizen Kane", "Jack" delivers a narrative that is dramatic, compelling, and most of all thought provoking. The film starts as one would expect, the actress descends a small set of stairs down into a living room, where the male actor is sitting and waiting under the pretence of watching a movie. However, it quickly devolves into debaucherous indulgences, as the actress discovers that her male counterpart has cunningly hidden his erect member inside of a container of movie-style popcorn. Here the director takes a page out of Tarantino's book and tosses aside the popcorn as soon as it's narrative purpose has been fulfilled, choosing not to explain to the audience why two people living in a house have access to vendor quality popcorn containers. It's the decisions like this that help the pacing of the story and make it come alive. Where the film really shines is in the last minutes. After the male actor has achieved climax, the actress speaks the final words. "That was way better than watching a movie." In this sentence, the purpose of the film become clear. The writer, director, and actors, have all planned and taken advantage of the viewers' immersion in the virtual reality experience to deliver something that is more than simply a pornographic film. The dramatic irony behind the phrase enlightens us to the transcendental experience that we were just exposed to. It leaves the audience knowing that yes, their experience was more visceral and passionate than simply watching a movie, but begs the question, "What does that mean for the advancement of the medium?" Or even yet, "What does it mean for the advancement of art as a whole?" Only time will tell. ★★★★★ - Five Stars. Absolutely revolutionary. A modern masterpiece that will no doubt become studied the world over.
Andynack (17.08.2016)
As of this month I am a paying member to 6 vr porn sites. I am renewing only 2 of those subscriptions, this one and one other. Most sites are not worth any amount of money. I would like to let you know that I appreciate what you do in this market, it is a growing market and this site is a leader in quality and quantity. I have seen probably about 95% of all VR porn videos that exist and can say I have not seen one video that focused on pantyhose, not one pantyhose fetish video. WHY not? It is the 2nd largest fetish on the planet (next to feet). There are foot job videos but not with pantyhose. The closest that exists is the few second stocking foot job in "dance lessons", which is amazing. But every site has a selection of fetish focused videos and there is still no pantyhose fetish or pantyhose foot job. I belong to a large community of pantyhose fetish sites and blogs and know I am not the only one who wants this. There are tons of people who will not become members to VR sites because there's nothing to offer as far as nylon fetishism is concerned. PLEASE, create the 1st 3d 360 VR pantyhose fetish video (multiple girls in pantyhose would be amazing!). VR porn sires are already getting boring, too many videos are pretty much the exact same. Please HELP!?
umnoid (17.08.2016)
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