Sumire Mizukawa – Temptation Salon VR Part 2

by DreamTicketVR


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Aug 18, 2018

Sumire Mizukawa – Temptation Salon VR Part 2

$5.99, 25:06 min
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Leaning Sitting
Sumire Mizukawa
Sumire Mizukawa
3 scenes

When entering the recently opened hairdresser and waiting at the waiting seat, a stylist wearing a one-piece neck with a neck opening opened to see the cleavage of her breasts came to pick me up and stuck one knee and thrilled with a close range of customers and shampoo Move to the shampoo base with the cut order. While shampooing, pushing my chest against my face and pressing my chest with my ears "I'm a naughty" and whispered the underwear and showed a milk breast erected. I gently touched the pot and was tempted to "be so big and excited" Moving to the cut face, treating the tongue which is likely to burst into a kiss entangling the tongue while care about the surroundings. Handle from the top of the cross, clean it with bamboo shoots with gaman juice and clean it beautifully with a blowjob and insert it at the woman on top posture While moving the waist up and down and left and right and killing the voice and scoffing up, it is begged as "I want a it together next" and begins cum shot ... a kissing of a temptation hairstylist caught in the inside and a close contact customer.

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