Valentine’s Day Gift

by VirtualRealPassion


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Feb 14, 2018

Valentine’s Day Gift - Lesbian Voyeur

Leaning Sitting
Anneke Necro
Anneke Necro
1 scene
Kali Sudhra
Kali Sudhra
2 scenes

Now here's something new. VirtualRealPassion struck a home run in this one, creating an a titillating experience that is remarkably immersive, even though they switch viewpoints. It starts in the first person as you awake to your girlfriend (did we mention that you're a sexy woman?) promising you a special Valentine's Day gift. The camera is always changing, always giving you - the viewer - the best possible angle to watch these two beautiful girl pleasure each other's bodies. Whether you feel like you're one of these gorgeous ladies, or just feel like you're a fly on the wall, this experience is always passionate and pleasurable; giving you some of the hottest lesbian virtual reality action you can find! Anneke Necro and Kali Sudhra star in this can't miss experience.

Full video available for download. Full video for SLR app streaming is processing.

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