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Mar 10, 2016

Menage a Trois

$9.95, 20:44 min
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Julia Roca
Julia Roca
7 scenes
Silvia Rubi
Silvia Rubi
9 scenes

There's not a lot of people checking in today, but this hotel's front desk is still seeing a lot of action. You just caught hotel employees Silvia and Julia fooling around, but this is only the beginning. After some very hot 69ing, the girls invite you to join for a threesome. Get your Samsung Gear VR on and watch these two petite babes take turns on your dick. They definitely hope you enjoy your stay...

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In my view "Menage a Trois" is one of your hottest scenes so far. But it's a pity that the scale of the video is not ok, the girls rise up like giants in front of you. Are you able to fix this scaling problem in retrospect ?
quati5 (19.08.2016)
I would love to fuck one at time
chuckstr (19.08.2016)
I keep going back to this scene. Silvia has a new fan - would love more from her.
648262 (19.08.2016)
we need more threesome scenes. those are the best scenes you guys put out, with the exception of Pinned Up and Poked Hard, which was the worst threesome scene you guys put out. The girls were ugly, and the angle shots were the girls either on the end of left or right side of the screen.
jdmsoldier (19.08.2016)
360 us cmon.. Enough with all the black
rodadgo (19.08.2016)
I'll double up on the Silvia Ruby love. I'm not normally into tats, but hers are quite nice and suit her. She has a great body and does well to project personality and intimacy through what I imagine is an impersonal VR camera setup.
WrongJeremy (19.08.2016)
Kudos to the guy for self control. Almost 8 mins in and he's standing with his hand on his dick just chilling. All of that going and I'd be like "fuck this I'm jumping in. We'll just have to reshoot".
flexarmstrong (19.08.2016)
Everything in the scene is too wide
Undertakher (19.08.2016)
I really wish it would have more close up like when the girl is riding him and leaning in very close with her hands by the camera. Also stuff like a girl playing with herself sitting on "your" chest or face sitting. Isn't as good an experience further away. I've been previewing videos and noticed there is a lot of far away
j23zeu (19.08.2016)
How about some hot cum swapping at the end?
smart65 (19.08.2016)
Love try a foursome or triirsome
Sparky773 (19.08.2016)
Won't download
bgpj1977 (19.08.2016)
Silvia Ruby is in a class by her self, her camera presence and eye contact really put her over the top in my opinion, you can tell she obvious loves what she is doing and how she maintains eye contact during the BJ should be a talent taught to every other porn star. The part of the cowgirl position when she leans toward the camera is some of the best vr porn yet. Thanks keep up the good work, and shoot another scene with her with your new camera rig.
jd00001 (19.08.2016)
Lighting and environment - Aight.. Heart Shape still the best. 12:32 More 13:57 Nice Immersion 19:47 BAD ASS! Props to stud man for not moaning load or moving too much, its appreciated. Ya'll really got that worked out. Even with flies 18:45 Left hand. What happened at the end? Seemed a bit shanked. It's all good.
godismeme (19.08.2016)
Makes be cum too quickly
faenskap (19.08.2016)
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