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And the Oscar goes to…

Studio:  VirtualRealPorn (269 videos)
Feb 27, 2017
Positions: Leaning
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Eveline told Silvia that she had recently won an Oscar for Best Blowjob. Not to be outdone, Silvia called a guy into the room, yanked his jeans down, and started sucking his cock. Eveline was a little jealous so she jumped in on the action and the two girls got him rock hard. Silvia showed off her skills by getting on top and riding the guy's dick until she came then she let Eveline take her turn on the dick. As these two carried out an Oscar race worth watching, they both bounced on his dick and came then they worked together to make him cum. Letting him bust a nut in their mouths.

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come4_org (06.03.2017)
This scene felt rather awkward; the girls didn't seem into it at all.
mm77pb (02.03.2017)
The scene was pretty good, but unfortunately not as good as I had hoped! They needed to surround the POV more. The one not getting fucked always seemed too remote, or uninterested. Maybe because they are sisters in real life, who knows, but I feel like this MFF lacked intimacy across the board. Please bring them back for a sequel though, and really emphasize close ups and intimacy. I really do believe that's what most people want in VR. Thank you!
g2kbuffetboy (02.03.2017)
Good scene. The opening minute or two in third person was good too, a fun little change. :) The girls aren’t spectacular actors, but they certainly make up for in their enthusiasm! Sometimes I just think they should film it in their native language, they would be more relaxed, plus Italian would sound so hot :)
PLK1982 (01.03.2017)
Thanks for you comments will take account of them.
lindagwells (01.03.2017)
Thanks a lot g2buffetboy. Here you have it!!! Hope you enjoy!!
lindagwells (01.03.2017)
Hot girls, but very little eye contact, no intimacy, no lean forward cowgirl, and bad distortions.
jd00001 (28.02.2017)
I used to think VRP was great. When you're used to CzechVR this stuff is just lame. The girls weren't into it. The camera is too low on the guys body and too close to the girl. The scale is a bit off. They never make any eye contact. There is no creativity whatsoever. The "story" is lame. The video quality isn't that great. Sorry but that's the way it is.
UselessEater81 (28.02.2017)
Scene is hot as hell, but again, nothing but cowgirl and reverse cowgirl from a VRP scene. It just gets so boring. They really need to find a way to spice things up, although twins aren't bad, but you can't have twins in every video.
Dremy77 (28.02.2017)
I was literally just wondering this weekend when these twins were gonna get booked for VR aside from the J&M scene. Talk about a fantasy!!! Can't wait to watch this! Thanks VRP!
g2kbuffetboy (27.02.2017)
Silvia's toenails are disgusting!
TheRealVortex (27.02.2017)
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