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Feb 21, 2017

Motherly Love - FFM Blowjob Threesome

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Bridgette B.
Bridgette B.
10 scenes
Dillion Harper
Dillion Harper
7 scenes

He was hanging out with his girlfriend Dillion and she was giving him a blowjob when her mom walked in on them. She wasn’t pissed, instead, she just jumped in and wanted to show Dillion how to properly suck a cock. Dillion’s mom wrapped her lips around his cock and sucked then she let him put his hard cock between her big, natural tits. He titty fucked her then Dillion gave him head and stroked him. Switching from mouth to mouth, he couldn’t hold out long so he came hard, splattering mom and daughter with his hot load.

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I know man ;) its all good
Vrbangers_official (23.02.2017)
You guys started with 2D monoscopic 360. Your first like 3 videos with Dillion were in this format. After getting trashed on this sub, you improved your rig and came back with better content. I assumed the long string of solos and this video were evidence that you were having trouble funding content with a lack of subscribers. I understand the need for variety, but why not just provide variety in the scene? The most recent WankzVR scene was 62 minutes and had almost 15 minutes total of BJ, not counting introduction, teasing etc., which I imagine is not far from this scene if you take out introductions, dialogue, and teasing. A 30 minute BJ video just doesn't have much value proposition, especially since the 20th minute of BJ won't vary drastically from the 10th minute of BJ. It's nice you guys are announcing scenes far in advance and are getting high rated stars, but BJ only is kind of a waste of a video, and especially of Dillion. The lighting looks so much better in this video, and I'm sure it's still great, but it's just not half as enticing without sex.
WhatsThatDooDad (23.02.2017)
Cheers Bangers. Not seeking to be right or anything, just offering my PoV as a porn consumer.
TheActionIsGo (22.02.2017)
I don't understand what you are saying at all... 2D 360? we are not struggling at all:) we just like to provide verity of videos, if we wanted to rip someone off, we would have got "lower rated porn star" Dillion cost the same for whatever reason we bring her in for, we are not cheating anyone in fact we are announcing our videos+type of videos a month early, and of course state the categories/nitch it will be, So yea I don't get you...
Vrbangers_official (22.02.2017)
TheActionIsGo I get your points and I moved them "Upstairs" You are right but still We are new to the industry one year is nothing major compared to companies that have been there forever, we are trying and doing a research for our selfs, so we can get more feedbacks and understanding of each Nitch that we are shooting, as always I respect and thank you guys for the comments good/bad.
Vrbangers_official (22.02.2017)
Every other sub I had this week did 20 minutes of tease and blowjob and then had another 20-40 minutes of fucking on top of that, so you see the annoyance?
jd00001 (22.02.2017)
> Also wankz does like hour long vids, so 28 minutes of blowjob isn't much more than what they put out with sex included as well. I omitted a similar comment. That gets to be a problem. When you have competitors, offering updates at 45 min to an hour, with multiple sex acts full meal deal scenes. Opening solo tease with fucking is a great recipe right now that appeals to many say like Nikkita or RTVR formula. Then you have say holo, splitting scenes into softcore opening part ones, and releasing part 2 a week or more later. That gets to be a problem, when you can go to another provider for the same sub dollar, and get your burger/fries and shake all in one update, 2x a week and not get blueballed by softcore scenes, and many, would consider bj only softcore for porn really. For instance, when wankz was shooting at 30 mins, and needed to dump content, the oral got cut. It is ffwd content for many in porn, unless the girl is just all pro or it's your fetish.
TheActionIsGo (22.02.2017)
You don't need 28 minutes of blowjob, like 10 minutes is more than enough. Also wankz does like hour long vids, so 28 minutes of blowjob isn't much more than what they put out *with* sex included as well. I was looking forward to this scene since it was announced a while back. Every Dillion scene in VR has been hampered by terrible scale or terrible lighting, now we just have her blowing for half an hour? You guys are cheaping out, reminds me of that huge string of solos. I'm sure you're doing so because you're struggling after spending so much on 2D 360 vids, but this doesn't help. Also, if you're going niche like this, then at least go full on MHBHJ or something and *warn* people ahead of time so they don't log on, download the video, watch it waiting for the sex to start, then get super disappointed at the end.
WhatsThatDooDad (22.02.2017)
You nailed it!
jlpatton1978 (22.02.2017)
If you want to cater to blowjob lovers, awesome! just be prepared for the blowback from the larger % of your subs, that don't want to see bj only content. Same as if you film anal. Wankz gets tons of anal blowback. You have to accept that that is going to come right now, you are serving a wide range of tastes.
TheActionIsGo (22.02.2017)
No, I made a point there :) You are asking people to PAY for blowjob scenes. You are catering to a small niche with VR porn, it terms of numbers of viewers. If you niche down too small within that: anal, blowjob, solo, pissing, risk yourself right now and probably better have "standard" or more broad brush content to float your boat for your paying subs. There will be a time to niche down, but I don't think we are there yet unless you can do it like CVR has, and do it on top of your normal bread and butter scenes. Ya know, fuck scenes. It is the same problem at Holo, where subs go "what happened to the fucking???" There is desire for all niche content in porno. Last weeks bj scene got similar response right? you have to ask yourself, are we hitting a nerve with this content and can we run on this tepid response? we listen to feedback and adjust, even if it is negative. Really, what it is with solos, etc, is a content stretching maneuver right now to milk more out of a given shoot. Film solo, film b/g hardcore, release as individual releases. It has little to do with solo's for instance being overwhelmingly popular.
TheActionIsGo (22.02.2017)
People also like to watch intimate Blowjobs, you made no point there, I like MMORPG he liked shooter so? we can't do it all for what he like we do it for all of the consumers.
Vrbangers_official (22.02.2017)
jd00001 (22.02.2017)
People like to watch fucking.........I's crazy. :P You are asking people to PAY for pornography.
TheActionIsGo (21.02.2017)
seriously? lol
TheActionIsGo (21.02.2017)
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