VRB Art Class

by VRBangers


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Feb 07, 2017

VRB Art Class - FFFFM Group Sex

Isabella Chrystin
Isabella Chrystin
18 scenes
Gina Gerson
Gina Gerson
43 scenes
Anna Swix
Anna Swix
7 scenes
Daisy Lee
Daisy Lee
32 scenes

When he signed up to be a nude model for an art class he didn’t realize all the students would be women and that they would be naked as well. As he laid there on the floor watching them work, his thick cock started to get hard. The ladies were interested and started drawing it. One of them came over, showed him her drawing of his dick then treated herself to a taste when she took it in her mouth and sucked it. As she sat on top of him stroking his cock while showing him his ass, another of the students came over and joined in the fun. It didn’t take long before all four of the girls from the class were on their knees watching and joining in as they stroked and sucked his cock until he exploded. That’s modern art!

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Hi, thanks for the feedback! We will ( This was an old scene ) Our new scenes are full of intimacy!
Vrbangers_official (17.02.2017)
Hey VRBangers, I just wanted to say my favorite part of this video was the last 30 seconds, when all the women crawl towards the POV and lean in for kisses. I seriously could watch a whole scene like this. The crawling over, the multiple kissing, the intense eye contact. Please try this in the future, for a future reverse gangbang, or multigirl lesbian scene if that's more practical.
g2kbuffetboy (09.02.2017)
Hi Jd no it is not, we are going to release one of the videos with the rig on valentines probably.
Vrbangers_official (08.02.2017)
I'm guessing this was filmed during the same time they filmed the Xmas/NYE special, but it's actually true 60fps! So that's a step up.
g2kbuffetboy (08.02.2017)
100% this
vrkicker (08.02.2017)
Is this shot with the new "head" camera?
jd00001 (07.02.2017)
In scene Gina plays the role of extras, like other girls. But they could use girls in lesbian games, lol.
Vedge (07.02.2017)
Vr bangers has some okay shit, but more often than not, they disappoint. Hope they get it together. As of now, they are the kind of place I would sub every four months, download the good shit and cancel.
jlpatton1978 (07.02.2017)
Gina Gerson in this too? ffs, instant bonekiller... when does she want to take a long break from vr movies?
Shai (07.02.2017)
4 girls and only one blowjob? Man what a huge letdown... And why are the girls naked from the start? This scene had so much potential to be SO MUCH MORE. Yet, it isn't.
UselessEater81 (07.02.2017)
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