Merry Christmas, Babe

by VirtualRealPorn


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Dec 22, 2016

Merry Christmas, Babe - FFFM Foursome

Ava Koxxx
Ava Koxxx
7 scenes
Misha Cross
Misha Cross
50 scenes
Rachele Richey
Rachele Richey
4 scenes

Having a relaxing evening in got hot in a hurry when this guy's sexy girlfriend Ava gave him one of her Christmas presents early. She left the room then came back in a very sexy outfit with two of her hot friends with her. The three babes whipped his cock out and took turns sucking and stroking it. He thought this was the best gift he had ever gotten but then it got better when one the hot blonde with small tits mounted up and rode his dick. She came on his shaft then jumped off so the busty blonde could have her turn riding that dick. His girlfriend went last, putting his huge tits in his face. This present came to an end when all three girls jerked him off then licked the cum off his belly.

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Apparently she does have quite a following. I've seen several people comment on her twitter about how much they loved her vrp scenes. But I would have to suggest to VRP to more carefully choose their girl combos. Misha and Rachele were a PERFECT MATCH. They complemented each other very well both personalities, dirty talk, and their look most importantly. The bleached hair was one reason too. However Ava didn't quite "fit" in this scene. So I really don't think she added anything to it, or even perhaps took away from it. However she didn't ever really hog the camera or seek attention so generally I was focused just on misha and rachele so I still IMMENSELY enjoyed the scene. Cuz gdamm Rachele is so fricken hot!!!
g2kbuffetboy (24.12.2016)
No big deal, was just wondering. Thanks
jlpatton1978 (23.12.2016)
I agree with you.
mm77pb (23.12.2016)
I'm sorry, but Ava Knoxx is just repulsive to me. Maybe I'm not the only one? She really ruins every scene she is in for me. Just a horrible fake looking face. Anyway, if others enjoy her then please continue, but thought I would provide the feedback.
Bob816 (23.12.2016)
Hello MoarVeer! Hope you enjoy it!!!
lindagwells (23.12.2016)
Sorry for the misunderstanding, it was a mistake in our end. Hope you enjoy it!
lindagwells (23.12.2016)
We will take it into account your suggestion. Too many users wanted to see a complete scene with this position. Thanks for your understanding!
lindagwells (23.12.2016)
Thanks g2kbuffetboy! Enjoy!!!
lindagwells (23.12.2016)
Hello jlpatton1978. We have received too many request about this position so we decided to focus the video on it. We will take your suggestion into account for the next videos. Regards
lindagwells (23.12.2016)
Nice! wherever Rachele Richey goes, I go so I'm checking this out.
MoarVeeR (23.12.2016)
Ok yes it's there now. But don't go acting like I'm crazy and it was there all along. You forgot to make it available all day yesterday.
Kadann (23.12.2016)
Thanks a lot for your feedback! We really appreciate your comments!!! Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!!
lindagwells (23.12.2016)
We have checked it and it is already available. Please, could you try to download again?
lindagwells (23.12.2016)
I thought when Misha would grab the tie and the three would come close was pretty creative. The tie / camera placement was spot on too. Yeah it's true there were no camera changes, but sitting missionary is actually my favorite VR position so I didn't mind too much.
g2kbuffetboy (23.12.2016)
Rachele Richey is SOOOO FRICKEN HOT!!! Thank you VRP for doing this epic FFFM with her. Misha is a fantastic performer as always. I admit though, Ava Koxxx is not really my cup of tea, but I loved this scene regardless because of Rachele and Misha. Please book Rachele for more and more scenes. I love the way her hair is colored in these last few vids too. She is perfection! <3 And of course, thank you for yet another FFFM scene. You are the only studio that keeps pushing out FFFM scenes and I applaud you for it. Despite some negativity that you hear here, please don't get discouraged, and continue to keep these multi-girl shoots coming! Happy holidays from USA! =)
g2kbuffetboy (23.12.2016)
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