Take control

by VirtualRealPorn


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Nov 10, 2016

Take control

Tasha Holz
Tasha Holz
3 scenes

Ready for a sexy BDSM 3D experience? The busty Tasha Holz is! And in this Virtual Reality Porn video you will be her slave. So, strap on your VR headset and let her take control over the situation. Oh, and don’t worry, we know what you’re thinking and yes: you will have her huge tits right on your face. Enjoy this VR porn scene in 180º FOV and our awesome Binaural Sound in your Smartphone Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, PSVR, Oculus Rift & HTC Vive! This is also a PSVR Porn video!

Full video available for download. Full video for SLR app streaming is processing.

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nik (20.02.2017)
vr12 (20.02.2017)
I write down your suggestion for the production team. Regards!
lindagwells (23.11.2016)
We will take your suggestion into account. Thanks for your feedback!
lindagwells (18.11.2016)
Thanks for your feedback! We will take it into account. Enjoy!
lindagwells (17.11.2016)
This could be amazing.
joejo43 (15.11.2016)
Harmony Reigns? Yes, please! And one-on-one. Understandably, the great sense of intimacy she provided in Relaxing Afternoon was totally missing from her threesome scene.
tamstah (15.11.2016)
This was hot as hell. More femdom please. Not humiliation though. Just teasing/control/worship.
oculusrox (14.11.2016)
Hi Org4sm, could you tell me which exactly device are you using?
lindagwells (14.11.2016)
As with all your scenes, they need a **lot** more colour. Every scene looks washed-out. Totally expecting a "thanks for the feedback!" canned reply, but I'd prefer if the issue *actually* got fixed! 😉
Org4sm (12.11.2016)
Good scene, but on a unrelated question I noticed that Silvia Rubi is heavily represented on your Virtualrealtrans site, I would love to see some new videos of her on your main site too, especially pov G/B and pov GG/B and pov G/G.
jd00001 (12.11.2016)
Can they get some real big natural tits.. I like this model but can tell her tits are fake
Boobie (12.11.2016)
It's really great to see more curvy girls start to make an appearance in VR! I love this video and the theme of it, my only slight qualm is that she doesn't get totally naked but apart from that a fantastic update! On the topic of busty girls I would love to see Harmony Reigns back to do another scene. ;)
mm77pb (11.11.2016)
I love that they are trying a bit of Dominance/submission content. However, I would like to see the tables turned. I want male dominant, female submissive. I want it really hardcore, degrading and filthy. But I also want it educational, with negotiations about limits and safe-words on camera and post-scene care and interview too.
karlwikman (11.11.2016)
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