Remember That Piano

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Remember That Piano
  • Specs: 
  • 3D
  • 6K
  • 180°
  • 60 FPS
As your hands move to the keys of the piano, you feel a nervous knot in your stomach. Blanche Bradburry is a very strict instructor and you know if your playing isn’t up to her expectations that she’ll berate you for it. She’s a firm disciplinarian whose willing to let you have it, but you find that you like it. Her exterior seems so restricted - pencil skirt, button-down blouse, glasses, and tight blonde bun - but when she gets outraged there is a real passion to that fury and you find it incredibly sexy. You’ve just messed up again and as she begins to yell you feel your pants tighten in unexpected arousal. Then, unexpectedly, her mood shifts. It turns out that she’s as turned on by these scoldings as you are and she’s ready to strip off that skirt to reveal a pierced pussy that she’s dying for you to explore. Your hands may not be great with a piano, but she almost purrs as your massage her clit and stick fingers into her. She takes off her blouse and bra to reveal big tits that make your mouth water. Before you can move a muscle, she’s on her knees. She’s in charge here and she knows exactly what she wants - your hard cock down her throat. It’s your turn to admire her skills as she pulls you in and out of her mouth until you’re ready to burst. You can’t wait until your next lesson now and you’re thinking about playing badly on purpose.
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