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Now You Can Play 5K and 6K videos on Android headsets with Viewport

alex novak
Alex Novak

Always wondered what 5K/6K videos look like, but your headset can’t process it? It’s because phones with Snapdragon chipset or the Oculus Go can only decode 4K videos which are up to 30% lower quality.

Now it's possible to watch original 5K/6K videos on your phone using Viewport in the SLR app and DeoVR browser.

This way each video is cut into multiple pieces in the cloud, then sections of these are played simultaneously in the area you are exactly looking at. It switches instantly to other pieces following the movement of your head. It also grants additional zoom, requires much less bandwidth, means there’s no overheating of your phone and extends your battery life.

Just give it a try and see for yourself. Once you are in the SLR app simply navigate to the Viewport tab at the bottom-left of the screen. Or download and open the DeoVR Player from official app stores, go to the browser, type in sexlikereal.com and enjoy ;)

The Viewport already works for OculusGo, Oculus Quest, GearVR, Daydream and Cardboard headsets.

It will be coming to Windows tethered VR headsets soon with 5K/6K 90FPS default quality. We are converting the whole SLR library to make it suitable for use with viewport.

Only a small fraction of Android headsets can play anything over 4096x2048px at 60FPS because of chipset video decoding limitations. The screen of most devices supports a higher resolution than the chipset can handle. Viewport moves the processing to the cloud to use fewer resources on your device.

Only international versions of Galaxy S7, S8, S9 with Exynos chipset, and both the US and International Galaxy S10, can process 5K/6K videos. Even these models benefit from viewport because of less load on the processor.

alex novak
Alex Novak
Born and raised in Southern California, Alex Novak has always had a passion for technology. Always interested in exploring new frontiers, the avid gamer and sci-fi reader found himself drawn to VR and its endless possibilities. Alex is excited to see what the future of VR brings and how he can help shape it.
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