Blue-collar Nymph

by 18VR


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Apr 09, 2019

Blue-collar Nymph; Busty Teen POV

Leaning Standing
Josephine Jackson
Josephine Jackson
3 scenes

Hey, look, someone has to clean the pools in Prague - so why shouldn't it go to a stunning woman? It's always the pool boys that get to have all the fun, but now 18VR is turning the the formula on its head, introducing you the very sexy Josephine Jackson. Something needs cleaned, and she seems to have confused "pool" with "shaft", but who are we to complain? From the moment you're looking into those beautiful eyes of hers while she wraps her tits around your cock, you'll have to stop yourself from falling in love. Pool girls are for fucking - not for dating. This busty beauty is bound to give the customers some satisfaction, and you'll be leaving with a whole new mess to clean up by the time she's done servicing you!

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roberto (2 days ago)
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