Lonely Kitty Meows Her Pussy

by VirtualTaboo


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Apr 02, 2019

Lonely Kitty Meows Her Pussy

Kaisa Nord
Kaisa Nord
2 scenes

Sexy little cutie Kaisa Nord is the kind of girl that every guy in school fantasizes about. She has a cute face, perky breasts, long legs and lovely hair. Of course what really turns head is her spectacular ass. Her round cheeks get plenty of attention and that suits Kaisa just fine. She loves to put on her tiniest shorts and tease as many boys and girls as she can. As much as Kaisa loves the attention, she doesn't always end up hooking up with some lucky stud or hot babe. Sometimes she comes home from a long day of teasing and just releases all that sexual tension herself. On days like this, Kaisa comes home to give herself sweet relief. If her parents are away, she doesn't even wait for the privacy of her bedroom. The sexy teen strips down to her thong and sports bra right at the kitchen table. She bends over and remembers all the boys she teased. Her nipples stiffen as she remembers how they turned their heads for a better look. Her tight pussy gets wet at the thought of making strangers cocks hard with desire for her perfect young body. When she can no longer control her urges, Kaisa gets naked and straddles a chair, slowly humping it as if it were one of her many admirers. She slides out of the chair and spreads her long legs wide apart while her finger slips into her warm, wet pussy. Kaisa fucks herself hard until she cums, knowing she will back out teasing again tomorrow. Maybe this time she will bring someone back to take care of things for her.

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