Birthday Mom Blows Out My Candle

by VirtualTaboo


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Mar 01, 2019

Birthday Mom Blows Out My Candle

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Leaning Standing
Josephine Jackson
Josephine Jackson
2 scenes

Sexy Josephine Jackson is ready to celebrate her birthday. Things have been mostly good in her life thanks to her new marriage. The one area that needs improving is her relationship with her new stepson. They just don't seem to be able to connect. Hoping to mend fences, he buys her a special gift and can't wait to give it to her. Bursting into the bedroom, he catches Josephine half naked. She is angry and does her best to cover her body, but he gets an eyeful of her sheer stockings, garters and push up bra. Before she can kick him out, Josephine notices the gift he has brought. She sits on the bed and opens the bag. Along with a cute teddy bear, her stepson has brought her a lovely (and very expensive) necklace. She loves the gift and asks him to put it on. Being that close to his gorgeous stepmother's big boobs is too much and he gives them a squeeze. Nervous, but turned on, Josephine encourages him to explore her tits and to move further down. When she notices how hard his cock is, she just has to compare it to his father's. Once she has seen how big he is, the dirty birthday girl needs to feel it in her wet pussy. He is not only bigger than his father, but a better fuck as well. That kind of skill deserves her full attention and Josephine sucks her cum right off of her stepson's thick tool. It fits perfectly in her hole and after a long ride she lets him cum all over her perfect chest. Their relationship is going to be different from this moment forward.

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