Mac and Sleaze

by BaDoinkVR


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Feb 07, 2019

Mac and Sleaze - Busty Pornstar POV

Leaning Standing
Abigail Mac
Abigail Mac
5 scenes

Every woman loves a hardworking man. Watching the sweat dripping from your forehead as you sand down a countertop, pushing your tools as hard as she imagines you might push something else... it's enough to drive a girl wild! Abigail Mac can't take much more watching and wanting, and after watching you work on her new countertop all week, she's ready to break it in! This sexy, busty, incredibly wild slut just can't wait any longer and she's ready to rip off your tool belt to get to her very FAVORITE tool and throw her lips around it. When you're done with the counter, you can take her in the living room and get your hands on that succulent ass as she rides you, looking over her shoulder deep into your eyes with that seductive gaze of yours. It's fun and erotic romp from BaDoinkVR, and with high quality visuals you'll get the pornstar sex experience you've always wanted!

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