Hoshi Ameri – Temptation Clothing Store Part 2

by DreamTicketVR


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Jan 27, 2019

Hoshi Ameri – Temptation Clothing Store Part 2 - Japanese MILF POV

$5.99, 25:06 min
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Leaning Standing
Ameri Hoshi
Ameri Hoshi
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Japanese customer service is famous the world around - "okyakusama wa okami desu" is the saying - "The customer is a god." And Ameri Hoshi knows just what kind of hardcore service you need to make your shopping experience a pleasurable one. And we mean VERY pleasurable. This sexy little MILF will do absolutely anything you make sure that you're a satisfied customer. With her ass bouncing up and down on your body while she rides your cock, or the way she's plays with your cum fresh out of a condom, she's willing to break ALL the rules. All she asks for is a little pleasure in return - surely you can manage that, can't you? Join DreamTickerVR and SexLikeReal for a trip to Japan that'll leave you begging for more... and maybe with a new taste in fashion, too!

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