Femdom Training

by JustVR


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Nov 27, 2018

Femdom Training - Dominate Woman Peeing and Riding

Larkin Love
Larkin Love
2 scenes

Mistress Larkin Love had left her slave boy chained to a chair in her dungeon where he belonged. After a long day at the office she decided to go downstairs and use him for a little stress release. Moving him to the floor, she stood over him and teased him, puling her dress up and sitting on him then she pulled his underwear off, got down to just her lingerie, and rode his cock. His hands were still shackled as she bounced on his cock in a few different positions. After she came on his cock, she pulled herself off and pissed all over him. This slave boy got to watch as his mistress used his body for her personal pleasure.

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Same again, but an hour long please... more, more, more!
Firebrand (06.12.2018)
I might be alone in this but I don't know what any of these videos are longer than 10 / 15 minutes. At the end of the day, its wanking, this video does not need to be over a half hour. Now I have a logical reason.... Like this girl is amazing but in order to watch her in full res I need to download a 9.2GB file. The leap in quality below that is 2.35GB. The 2.35GB file is not great to be honest... and that's because its compressed to hell because of the long duration. It's not very practical for people to store or download 10GB files for every porno they want to watch. If they clip was 10 mins long, we could watch it in full res with a much lower file size. Dunno maybe I'm crazy. :P
nudeninja69 (30.11.2018)
It starts out well. It would have been good if it had stayed a femdom scene instead of having the standard blowjob cowgirl.
sundoo (29.11.2018)
Hot shit, Larkin Love is amazing.
fiveroper (29.11.2018)
At about 31 minutes of the video there is a pissing scene. True, I would like to see more.
CyberVR (29.11.2018)
Why was the pissing part removed from this video?
Wankers (29.11.2018)
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