Giving Back

by BabeVR


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Oct 03, 2018

Giving Back; Blonde Pornstar Experience

$7.95, 40:19 min
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Leaning Standing
Alix Lynx
Alix Lynx
7 scenes

You know what they say - you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours. Well, if you're willing to scratch Alix Lynx's craving for designer lingerie, then she's willing to let you enjoy it in the flesh. Settle onto the couch for a wonderful romp with a stunning blonde babe. Filmed with a Tommy Torso, the camera has access to the best and most immersive angles (and without having to hear another man moan in pleasure besides yourself while you're fucking Alix!). Also, you haven't LIVED until you've seen this hot little slut stretch her lips around the massive cock she has to contend with!

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Alix Lynx is fucking hot and by extension, so is this video.
fiveroper (05.10.2018)
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