Master Of Fuckers

by VirtualRealPorn


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Sep 27, 2018

Master Of Fuckers - Sexy Russian Babe

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Leaning Standing
Sasha Rose
Sasha Rose
9 scenes

For the next forty minutes - you're going to have an experience like no other. No, there's nothing unusual or strange to this VR porn experience, it's just how EXQUISITELY CRAFTED it is. VirtualRealPorn pulled out all the stops to give you one of the hottest girls, one of the hottest setups, and some of the hottest action that you've seen in VR porn. Meet Sasha Rose, a beautiful, busty Russian brunette with a smoldering gaze that's enough to make any man melt. If you think she looks hot, you should feel how hot her lips are as she services your cock. We've never seen a girl so happy to give us head, and with nice big tits to hold onto while you're fucking her. Go ahead and take the plunge into an immersive and sensual VR sex experience!

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Master Of Fuckers Special Edition!!! ;-)
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