X-Men: Psylocke A XXX Parody

by VRCosplayX


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Aug 31, 2018

X-Men: Psylocke A XXX Parody - Hardcore Cosplay

$5.99, 33:57 min
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Leaning Standing
Liv Aguilara
Liv Aguilara
2 scenes

VRCosplayX is continuing their trip through the ladies of the X-Men with a naughty little encounter featuring your favorite telepath: Psylocke. She can be a real pain to work with, but the way she gets into your head might be the worst part of all. There's nothing you can hide from her, and once she catches you thinking about her body underneath that skintight outfit... well... here you are. Immerse yourself in a VR porn fantasy featuring one of the hottest girls you can rip right out of the pages of the comics, watching as she wraps her lips around your cock and fucks you senseless. Just imagine the extra pleasure you can get from a mutant telepath! Or better yet, who needs to remember anything when they can just strap on their headset and live out their fantasies in the flesh!

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This is a great scene with a beautiful actress, however the 3D overlay seems offset here. I get some pretty horrible double vision at the start of the scene and when looking at objects too far away from the center of the scene. If I close one eye then the other I can see that there is a very large horizontal and vertical 3D division that is causing the double vision. This would be a perfect scene if that offset can be fixed.
meowy84 (01.09.2018)
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