Have You Met My Friend Ken?

by VRHush


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Aug 26, 2018

Have You Met My Friend Ken? - Two Girls Fuck a Toy

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Jillian Janson
Jillian Janson
9 scenes
Pamela Morrison
Pamela Morrison
5 scenes

VRHush scored a masterpiece here featuring Jillian Janson and Pamela Morrison, together for an immersive and erotic experience that's almost three experiences wrapped into one! Wake up with your frisky girlfriend feeling and licking your body, teasing your cock before she moves down to the living room to meet up with her BFF. Get a front row to the action as these two girls utterly adore each other, exploring every last inch of their bodies with their tongues and fingers, cumming over and over before they finally move up to the bedroom to give you a taste of what they've had for the last twenty minutes. With both of the girls in you bed, you can finally live our your teen threesome fantasies with a couple of flawless girls that just can't wait to enjoy your cock as much as they enjoy each other's tits. It's hard to go wrong here, with something for every featured. Pussy licking, closeups, double blowjobs, tribadism... you name it, you can probably find it here. And at over an hour long, you'll have all the VR porn action you ever dreamed of right at your fingertips with VRHush and the SexLikeReal app!

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I seem to be getting only one eye's worth of video. Downloaded both the 5G and 15G videos, and neither are SBS or top/bottom. I would not have paid for this had I known that it's not 3D.
eightcathairs (28.08.2018)
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