Rude Jude

by BaDoinkVR


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Jul 16, 2018

Rude Jude - Sexy Brunette Girlfriend One on One

$5.99, 32:45 min
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Leaning Standing
Judy Jolie
Judy Jolie
1 scene

You gotta' love a girl that can lose control at the sheer sight of your cock. Judy Jolie is getting ready to see her best friend, but you've got something else in mind. The plan? Lay on her bed with your stiff cock ready to go, instead of getting ready to go! Judy storms through the door, ready to yell at your for slowing her down. But... maybe. "It does looking tempting," she tells you. With this high-resolution, immersive virtual reality experience, you can SEE the lust building in Judy's eyes as her hand starts to work its way up and down your cock. She licks her lips just once before she lowers her head, slowly pushing the head of your stiff cock to the back of her mouth as she closes her eyes and give you a little moan of delight. You'll get fuck this tight beauty in multiple positions, until you end the whole experience by showering her torso with your cum. Now you're definitely gonna' be late!

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