Locked Cock Chronicles - Volume 31 - Goddess Dahlia Rain

by TheLockedCockChronicles


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Jul 11, 2018

Locked Cock Chronicles - Volume 31 - Goddess Dahlia Rain

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Goddess Dahlia Rain
Goddess Dahlia Rain
2 scenes

Goddess Dahlia Rain much prefers you this way, locked up and completely under her control with your balls at her disposal. She has placed you in one of her favorite cages. What makes this cage so special is that the more she turns up the attached device, the more and more she will electrocute your dick and balls (as if kicking them wasn't enough). Last time you were in this device, you were allowed to cum, but this time Goddess wants to keep torturing you instead. No orgasm for you today! Goddess knows that her original plan was to keep you locked away for a few more days, but she is having so much fun torturing you, she may make it permanent. Good luck, because you're going to need it.

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Quite specific content. But models behave very exciting. A little sorry that the video is not 3d.
CyberVR (11.07.2018)
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