Yuna A XXX Parody

by VRCosplayX


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Jun 01, 2018

Yuna A XXX Parody - Hardcore FFX Cosplay

$9.95, 36:34 min
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Leaning Standing
Kira Roller
Kira Roller
1 scene

Ever been jealous of a video game character? We know we wished we were in Tidus' shoes when he was with Yuna. Technology is here to save the day, though, and VRCosplayX is offering you the chance to experience Yuna in a way you never thought possible. Kira Roller is the beautiful girl they chose to play dress up - and they nailed every detail (right down to the different color eyes!). VRCosplayX always takes the time to nail the outfit, and this sells the immersion in a way that few other studios manage to pull off. Of course, her outfit is so iconic, why would you ever want to take it? Instead, just pull aside the bits of her clothes to get a look at her nipples, or fuck her through a tear in her pants! Finally, just when you think you might not be able to take much more of this slut on your cock, she'll take your load all over her lips and cute little face. You might never get the opportunity to see Yuna like this again, so don't let this one slip you by!

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I wait every week that they will release a parody of DotA 2 =)
CyberVR (04.06.2018)
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