Cooze Cruz

by 18VR


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May 22, 2018

Cooze Cruz - Blonde Teen Threesome

Leaning Standing
Lindsey Cruz
Lindsey Cruz
9 scenes
Lovita Fate
Lovita Fate
25 scenes

Your girlfriend Lindsey had the deliciously naughty idea of getting together with another girl for a threesome. Finding a willing partner for that sort of adventure can be a challenge, but the moment she found Lovita Fate she wasn't going to wait another moment. She drags the horny and ready Lovita right in front of you, as if she's showing off a prize she found. There's no waiting around this time, no buildup of a silly story or keeping you in suspense. Lindsey wants Lovita almost as much as you do, and in less than a minute you're watching your girlfriend kissing another hot blonde right in front of you. With great technical quality and little immersive details, you'll catch every last inch of the action, and by the time you're cumming you're going to forget that you're even wearing a virtual reality headset at all!

Full video available for download. Full video for SLR app streaming is processing.

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this has squirting
Wankers (29.05.2018)
Excellent video quality 5k complements these two blondes!
CyberVR (23.05.2018)
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