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Apr 19, 2018

Cupcakes with Suzy - Booty Shorts and Hardcore

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Leaning Standing
Suzy Rainbow
Suzy Rainbow
2 scenes

Suzy invited this guy over to her place and baked him some cupcakes while wearing a crop top shirt and some very tight cutoff jean shorts. After giving him a cupcake, she treated him to her sweet cakes when she backed that ass up into his face. While he sat on a stool, she pulled his dick out and gave him a blowjob then she dropped those shorts and slammed herself down on his dick. He laid her out on the dining table and fucked her shaved pussy with long, deep strokes then he pulled out and fired his sticky, hot jizz all over her fit, sexy body leaving her to lick it off her body and fingers like it was icing on a cupcake.

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