Different Dessert - POV

by RealityLovers


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Jan 10, 2018

Different Dessert - POV Teen Threesome

Leaning Standing
Foxy Sanie
Foxy Sanie
27 scenes
Darce Lee
Darce Lee
24 scenes

Okay, maybe it isn't the most realistic setup. Two beautiful girls in your bed, drunk and giggling - one of them goes to get some cake, and the other starts to make out with you. But who cares about realism! This is virtual reality, and it's about making your fantasies come true, not forcing you to live in the mundane. Fiery redhead Foxy Sanie makes the perfect compliment to the Darce Lee. Foxy's pale skin, small tits, and tattoos are the perfect match for Darce's dark features, gorgeous tan, and large, heavy tits. These two girls know what a man wants, and watching them take turns having their way with you is a dream come true. Of course, the perfect threesome means these two girls can't keep their hands and tongues off each other, either. Now THAT'S a true treat.

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