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Jan 09, 2018

Open for Business - Asian POV

$4.99, 28:51 min
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Hasegawa Natsuki
Hasegawa Natsuki
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A Japanese hostess club... you go in, they offer to have a drink with you... you sit, you chat, it's all above board. But they're selling you a fantasy as an impossibly cute girl that wants to go home with you. Today, Hasegawa Natsuki is going to let you live it just a little. Natsuki is a damn cute KoGal and this bad girl wants to wrap her lips around your cock before she wraps her legs around you. Get a great look at her body as you fuck her until she squirts; and end it all in a delicious creampie. Technical Note: JAV films are often recorded with a smaller scale; if everything appears a little small on your VR viewer, simply use the SLR player's unique features to zoom in and fix the size of the action.


She has to be careful, she could have damaged the camera by squirting that hard :D
Runehammer91 (12 days ago)
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