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Nov 28, 2017

Payback’s a Bitch - Blonde with Big Tits Riding

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Daisy Lee
Daisy Lee
27 scenes

Daisy Lee loaned this guy some money and he couldn’t pay her back in the time he said he would. She was angry, but decided if she couldn’t get paid in cash, she would get paid in cock. Daisy loves to suck dick, but he owed her a lot of money, so a simple blowjob wasn’t going to suffice. She sat on his dick, riding reverse cowgirl as she slammed herself down onto him. She wanted him deep, so he turned her around and looked into her pretty eyes as he drilled that shaved pussy with every inch of his cock. She ended up back on top, him teasing her clit as she put her big tits in his face and came on his dick then she put her mouth around the head of his cock and sucked the cum out of him. She got off twice so as far as she was concerned, the debt was paid in full

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