Studio:  BaDoinkVR (152 videos)
Oct 05, 2017
Positions: Leaning Standing
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It's Monday night - karaoke night. Your girl Norah Nova loves to sing, so you take her to the local bar every week, even though you fucking hate karaoke. You just wanted to stay home and watch sports tonight, but Norah has devised a way to persuade you to come along. After stripping down and revealing her pierced and perky little B cup tits, she wraps her prehensile feet around your dick and puts you in her mouth. Feeling your cock in her throat gets her so wet that she can't help herself but ride you into a wave of orgasms.

Terrible vertical field of view placement. Cannot see the girl's face while riding cowgirl in seated position.
QuailiyMatters (11 days ago)
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